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THE VEITCH LAW FIRM, Inc., is a DUI and Criminal Defense firm serving Western Pennsylvania, dedicated to the aggressive defense of DUI and other serious criminal matters. DUI Lawyer Jeff Veitch is dedicated to the highest level of advocacy on behalf of his clients. Jeffrey Veitch regularly appears as a speaker at various legal education seminars for other attorneys, publishes articles and has been the author of the Defending DUI's section of the Law and Practice Manual since 2002. Please click see Jeff's profile below:

With our main office located in Erie, PA, we conveniently handle cases throughout Western Pennsylvania. Our experienced Criminal & DUI Lawyers maintain an exceptional practice handling Pennsylvania DUI and DWI related matters. Attorney Veitch has more than 25 years experience and should be your choice if you need an aggressive and top-rated Drunk Driving Defense or Criminal Defense Attorney. If you are arrested for drunk driving, or any criminal violation, Jeffrey Veitch is here to help. A qualified Erie PA, Criminal & DUI Attorney is the best option to help you navigate your way through the complexities of Pennsylvania's tough drunk driving laws. If Success is your only option, we hope you will consider The Veitch Law Firm to represent you.

Attorney Jeffrey Veitch keeps up with the latest law, science and local issues in DUI and criminal defense and is aware of all major developments that can affect your case and your license, as well as the myriad of suppression issues which have led to the successful defense of many hundreds of DUI cases in recent years. If you are looking for an experienced, professional and reliable DUI or Criminal Attorney, do not hesitate to call 814.314.0051.

Call us anytime for a free consultation to educate yourself about your drunk driving arrest or other criminal matters. We will be able to explain the entire process to help remove the fear and uncertainty of your upcoming criminal case

Jeffrey D. Veitch Esq

Jeff Veitch is an experienced Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer who is a frequent speaker on the topic of defending accused drunk drivers, and an author on the subject.

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