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He was able to post my bail and have me out of jail within 13hrs. Beginning with the consultation, Veitch gave a very reasonable idea of what i could be facing, and through specific circumstances what he may be able to do and the realistic risk/reward of hiring him. He maintained that very upfront and honest style throughout further consultations from more charges that I had acquired later on. At the point of facing a felony charge for possession with intent, which was after two accounts of DUI's also, he continued to give advice, and quite honestly, felt as if he watched my back. After my felony charge, i was arrested under a warrant at a time later in the night (when most public offices were closed) and was processed without a phone call. They were planning on sentencing me in the morning without representation, but luckily i was arrested in front of my brother and he got ahold of Veitch who contacted the judge and was able to post my bail. Awesome dude

– Anonymous

Jeffrey D. Veitch Esq

Jeff Veitch is an experienced Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer who is a frequent speaker on the topic of defending accused drunk drivers, and an author on the subject.

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