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The Veitch Law Firm are leaders in the field of DUI Defense and have an exceptional understanding of the issues surrounding defending your rights in the State of Pennsylvania. Jeffrey Veitch has handled many hundreds of DUI cases, both as a prosecutor and defense attorney. Jeff has been involved in the creation and litigation of numerous evidentiary challenges to breath and blood test results, resulting in the suppression of hundreds of chemical breath and blood tests. In addition to the litigation that the firm does on a daily basis around the state, below is a brief list of some of the practice manuals, seminar materials and articles written by Attorney Veitch on DUI Defense Issues:

Don't rely on the unsubstantiated claims of greatness in attorney's professional marketing, get an attorney with proven results at fighting and winning these difficult cases. Jeff has earned his reputation through litigating these cases and consistently obtaining exceptional results for his clients. Jeff also regularly appears as a featured speaker at legal education seminars for other attorneys. If you are looking for the best dui defense, we hope your search will begin with us!

"Ignition Interlock 2018-What You and Your Client Need To Know." Erie County Bar Association 2018

"Defending DUI's - A Defense Perspective." The Law & Practice Manual. Law and Practice Desk Book Series, 2003-2011.

So You Think the Legal Limit is .08%? Think Again...A Case in the Life of a DUI Defense Attorney.(A detailed account of what can happen during a DUI stop and defense process).

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; A Legislative and Case Law Update, "Defending DUI's Annual Seminar-Seattle WA- Foundation for Criminal Justice" Speaker and Legal Education Seminar Materials.

Alternatives to Trial-"Nuts and Bolts Seminar" - Speaker and Legal Education Seminar Materials.

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Jeff Veitch is an experienced Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer who is a frequent speaker on the topic of defending accused drunk drivers, and an author on the subject.

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